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How Does Truck Accident Claims Work

How Does Truck Accident Claims Work?

Any accident is unfortunate. But you hold all the right to get the compensation for your loss. There will be hardly any company that would step up to pay the compensation. Undoubtedly you need to fight for the same. And for that, you need a competent truck accident attorney in Hammond LA from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess.

What is a truck accident claim? Truck accident claim can be referred to as getting compensation from the party or parties who is at fault for causing you any kind of pain or loss. In two ways you can get the best compensation for your injuries. 

  1. You can negotiate with the legally liable party which is the insurance company for getting a fair compensation of the claim you made.
  2. You can file a case in the court stating your claim for the damages that occurred against the party.

Normally these two steps are carried simultaneously. The aim is to create pressure on the party so that they pay the compensation that the client deserves. Claims can be settled outside the court or as per the order given by the jury in the court.     

Let’s now focus on how the claims work:

  • Sign a contract with the truck crash lawyer:

The first step towards success is to create a business relationship with someone who has years of experience in handling cases that are similar to yours. It always gets better when you sign an agreement stating the fee percentage as well as other details. You need to make yourself clear that if the case goes against you, you hold no liability to pay the lawyer. Know in which state you or the lawyer can cancel the deal. Well, the contract style may differ from firm to firm. So read the agreement before you sign it.    

  • Communicate through your lawyer only:

Once you have connected with your lawyer, it is very much expected that you should speak as per your lawyer instructs you. Always remember, your one wrong statement can result in losing the case. So obey the direction of your lawyer.

To start with the dos:

  • Report about the accident to your insurance company
  • Provide the name of your truck crash lawyer
  • File a report in the police station
  • Conduct a checkup through a doctor. 
  • Report about the truck accident to DMV

Focusing on the don’ts:

  • Never speak on what you are not sure of
  • Never sign any document
  • Never state about your truck accident injuries
  • Investigating and collecting the evidence:

This is the part where you don’t have to make an effort. You have your legal team who will work and bring out the evidence that clarifies your intention in the best way. The accident site will be scrutinized as well as the police report will be considered in this phase. That’s not all. Every report would be accounted for before a meeting is fixed with the insurance adjusters. If necessary, the reconstruction of the accident would be done to understand your loss in the best you’re your attorney gathers additional witnesses along with the reports of the traffic camera footage.  

  • Sending a personal injury demand letter:

Now it’s time for some real action. Move a step ahead by sending the personal injury demand letter. By now you and your lawyer have scrutinized every factor of your truck accident claim. Present your final demand in front of the insurance company of the business or the person that justify your demands.

  • Deciding on settlement or trial:

Once you have made your claim and presented all your evidence, the insurance company scrutinizes every factor and evaluates the case. 

They might opt for:

  • Settling outside the court
  • Negotiation with the best offers that justify your claim for the losses
  • Filling a lawsuit and fight the case in front of the jury in the court
  • Trial of your case:

In most cases, this step doesn’t come up. But if the truck company is stubborn and doesn’t wish to give you the compensation you demanded, the trial would be the only way to settle the case. Fighting against a truck company is much more challenging than it sounds. Hence, it is always instructed to hire an accident attorney in Hammond LA who would tirelessly fight for your justice. The attorneys from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm are highly experienced in fighting complicated cases and have recovered millions of dollars from the parties at fault.  Our lawyers are the only ones who can help you get the best compensation for your loss or injury.

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