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They must complete 360 hours at a Louisiana Peace Officers Standards and Training Council Academy. As well as pass firearms certifications, background checks, and drug screening.

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    Police Misconduct

    The state of Louisiana has employed almost 18,050 law enforcement officers, who do a difficult and thankless job. When an officer takes advantage of their position, it mars the trust that civilians put in them. The skilled solicitors at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have more than 20 years of experience in tackling personal injury cases with precision.

    Types of Police Abuse

      • Wrongful Arrests
      • Unjustified Searches
      • Excessive Force
      • Unlawful Police Shootings
      • Destruction of Evidence
      • Profound Damage of Reputation
      • Sexual Assault
      • Strip Searches
      • Racial Profiling
      • Prison Abuse

    The assaults committed by a police officer include negative use of power. The attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess completely agree to breach of trust. Our solicitors are available to guide you through your case. The lawyers here have won multi-million dollar settlements for clients. If you’ve become a victim of police brutality, reach out to our skilled attorneys today!


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    Abuse By Law Enforcement Needs A Police Misconduct Attorney To Intervene

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    – Insurance Research Council Study 2004


    A police officer legally, can only use force that is proportionate to the situation and threat posed by another person. An officer cannot injure someone without just cause. When an officer uses unnecessary force or brutality, it violates that individual’s civil rights. Furthermore, it can cause serious injuries or death. A personal injury lawsuit that seeks compensation for physical injuries or death is a means for justice.


    Stun guns and Tasers are supposed to be only stopping, non- lethal force. Actually, there have been 334 fatalities linked to police Taser use. Additionally, there were 905 victims injured by stun guns who were unarmed and did not pose a threat. The excessive use of a Taser can cause permanent or even fatl injury due to repeated electrocution


    Officers are only legally allowed to fire their weapons as a last resort. For example, when their life or the lives of others are in serious danger. A wrongful death suit can be filed if an officer kills an individual in an unjustified police shooting. The New Iberia team at The Law Offices of L.Clayton Burgess has experience in these types of cases and will fight to see that you and your family get compensation and above all, justice for this crime.


    Police officers and departments do not have unlimited power to arrest and detain individuals. There must be probable cause and reasonable suspicion to detain someone for any length of time.

    Over the last few years, New Iberia has made national headlines and news channels due to prison abuse cases. Our staff and attorneys have experience in these cases and have seen compensation and justice done for our clients.


    If you are the victim of police abuse or misconduct, you may be entitled to money damages. It is important to contact our office as soon as possible; time limits govern whether a civil lawsuit can be successfully filed and litigated.

    We understand the breach of trust that happens in cases of police brutality. Our staff and attorneys are here to guide your case through the system and see that your voice is heard.

    As a citizen, you have constitutional rights. Even if you are awaiting trial in a prison cell, you still have those rights.

    Let the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Our team has extensive experience as police misconduct attorneys.

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